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Nature in Champorcher

A new discovery for each season


Some pictures to show details in areas covered in snow in the higher part of the Alleigne Valley, in the Dondena Combe, by the Muffe Lake, by the Raty Lake and across the Natural Park of Mont Avic.


Discovering the 40 wild herbs used in mountain cuisine and the villages across the Champorcher Valley.


The remarkable geological variety present In the area offers a wide range of natural environments, each of them with unique sceneries: the beautiful blooming across the Alleigne Valley, the stunning Miserin Lake, the Dondena Combe, the rich white buttercup blooming by the numerous lakes across the Natural Park of Mont Avic.



Fall offers an amazing whirlwind of colours, ranging from yellow in the beech tree, maple and linden leaves to dark red in cherry-tree leaves in the area near Rosier, to orange in the larch woods in Laris and to green in the fir and spruce woods across the Alleigne Valley. The climate is mild in September and October and pleasant walks in nature can still be taken.